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General description Self-supp

General description
 Self-supported steel bar truss deck production line is independently produced by Zhejiang Willing Techology Co.,Ltd consists of truss welding line bottom panel forming machine and board spot welding machine. combining mechanism, electricity,hydraulic and pneumatics with microcomputer control, it performs whole set production process of steel moulding board's truss,galvanized steel forming and assembling&welding.The line's annual production capacity reaches 300'000 square meters.
Machine feature and function
Self-supported steel deck panel is a new type steel structrural building material develoed for steel construction industry in recent years.It's now widely applied in steel structural floor deck,bridge,railway and many other places.It's featured by light structure ,high strength and factory production. This construction method of pouring concrete onto steel deck can reduce site workload greatly and also shortens construction
Technics flow
Steel bar feeding→straightening→assistant bar bending→spot welding→feet bending→truss length→set cutting→Decoilig→forming→panel length→set cutting→assemble&feeding→spot welding→steel mould product output
Technical Parameters 
 Power supply:Three phase AC380V, +10%~-10%
 Duty cycle: 15%
 Rated Power Input: 3x250KV
 Secondary no-load voltage: 11.5V
 Max. Short Current: 40KA
 Air pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa;
 Coolant pressure: 0.3MPa
 Coolant flow: 60L/Min
 Coolant temperature: 0≤30°C 
 Max Welding speed: 15M/min
 Truss height: 70-350mm
 Truss section spacing: 190-210(Adjustable)mm
 Wire diameter of power cable(copper cable) : ≥120mm2
 Wire diameter of grounding cable(copper cable): ≥60mm2
 Air switch capacity: 1250A;
 Water inlet and outlet diameter: G1½
 Air Inlet diameter: φ14mm
 Welding machine main part weight: 8000kg