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Rib Lath Production Line

Rib lath is a kind of expanded metal lath stiffened with longitudinal ribs. the furring design of the mesh provides efficient background plaster for construction of partition, suspended ceilings and refurbishment works. The advantage of ribbed lath over metal lathing, that is supporting centers, which can be increased or widened.
The full production line includes the following components:

1.sample decoiler or automatic hydraulic decoiler   1set

2.punching equipment                         1set

3.punching moulds                            2pieces

4.expanded and forming machine               1set

5.cutting device                             1set

6.running out table                          1 set

7.PLC console                                1set

8.Hydraulic station                          1set

let diameter: φ14mm
 Welding machine main part weight: 8000kg