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Steel Tile Sheet WLYX70-171-855

Products Feature:
1. A stylish and attractive design,giving the apperance of a traditional roof tile.
2. Resistant to frost,heat,hail and gales;100% waterproof,thanks to the lateral run-off channel on each sheet for several model.
3. Quick and easy to install.
4. On renovation jobs the old roofing won’t,in most circumstances,need to come off.
5. No problem with bad weather conditions during roof-on-roof assembly.
6. Reduces the load to borne by the roof support structure to a minimum(low self-weight:5kg/m2).
7. Longer lasting,thanks to the use of perfectly coated,high grade steel(coating:plastisol).

Sealing profiles
There is a sealing profile available for sealing the gap between the wall sheet and the roof-tile panel, the “positive ”type.A flat foam profile is provided for the cut-off between the verge flashing and the sheet. Another “negative”type is available for the cut-off between the ridge tile and the roof-tile panel.