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Ceiling Sheet WLYX45-332-664

Product Introduce 
Corrugated sheets are roll formed by roll forming machines, the thickness and color can be different, these panels are featured with easy installation, high strength, more economic , (low lost ). They are widely use as the wall or roof of factory, warehouse, garage, exhibition center, cinema etc.

Raw materials
Galvanized steel, Galvalume Steel, Galvalume Pre-painted sheet and aluminium sheet

Products Feature
1. Some products are just for Single wall cladding; some products for roof and wall cladding.
2. Some products can be installed in a horizontal or verical wall cladding.
3. As built up system, Some products also are suitable for trunk construction, false ceilings, site perimeter fencing, inner walls, for doors and industrial doors.…
4. Absorbtion of condensation in an uninsulated buiding with isolation under the load-bearing structure.
5. Anyway, made to order, as you want.

Products Package
1. Get someone to help you carry the sheets,one at a time, wherever possible.
2. Extra support is advisable for longer corrugated sheet.
3. If lifting the sheets with a crane, the sides should be protected to stop them from deforming. Please see the sketch map