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Z Shape Steel Purlin Sheet

Paint Feature
1. In the construction industry,c and z purlins provide an ideal and solid support for an unlimited range of walls and roofs.
2. The standardized c and z purlins provide a solid and mechanically balanced framework which is easy to fix to the skeletal structure of the building.
3. The base steel for the c and z purlins is a high-grade,hot-galvanized structural steel.
4. In practice,the optimum use of c and z purlins is determined by the following our
a) the manner in which they are mounted.
b) the type of roof and wall cladding.
c) the c/c or z/z spacing of the purlins.
d) the wind and snow loads.

2. Light structure which obviates the need for heavy erection equipment.
3. Any kind of choice as to the width,height and length.
4. Quick assembly thanks to a well thought-out profile.
5. The arrangement and struture of the profiles offers many excellent alternatives for incorporating main services ry the sheets,one at a time, wherever possible.
2. Extra support is advisable for longer corrugated sheet.
3. If lifting the sheets with a crane, the sides should be protected to stop them from deforming. Please see the sketch map