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Galvanized Steel Coil 2

Coil Feature:
1. Galvanized base with color painted coils take hot-dip galvanized steel coil as its basic material. Factory adopts the newest technologies and the most advanced equipments to degrease, rinse, chemical transform the cold-rolled steel coils or galvanized steel coils. Then we make primary and refined lavation for the steel strips.
2. We use worldwide advanced solidify furnace to solidify the coasting surface. This kind of color painted coils has excellent capability of decoration, molding, corrosion resistance ability. It keeps the products with color coatings in flamboyant color for a long time.
3. Nowadays, it has become the most perfect building materials in construction, transportation, manufacture, light industry, office furniture, household electric appliances, food package, and other areas all over the world.
1. Thickness: 0.2 - 1.2mm
2. Width: 914 - 1,250mm
3. Lacquer: according to customer's needs
4. The color-coated steel coil is produced by hot-galvanized steel and color-coated sheet
5. The combining force between the galvanized steel and the paint is very strong
6. The surface is polished
7. Coat fabric 2/2 (two coats for top / two coats for bottom), 2/1 (two coats for top / single coat for bottom), 1/1 (single coat for top / single coat for bottom)
8. Can be used in building material field, galvanized wire steel tape and all other fields

5. Anyway, made to order, as you want.
Products Package
1. Get someone to help you carry the sheets,one at a time, wherever possible.
2. Extra support is advisable for longer corrugated sheet.
3. If lifting the sheets with a crane, the sides should be protected to stop them from deforming. Please see the sketch map