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Polstyrene Sandwich Panel(PU Panel)

Product Introduce 
Polystyrene Sandwich Panel also called PU Sandwich Panel
the up & down surface of this panel is Galvanized & Pre-painted steel sheets, core material is 5 components Polyurethane glue, it is formed by heating, foaming & laminating. Polyurethane is the best material for temperature keeping and sound insulation. It is widely used as the wall or roof for cold storage, industrial workshop, public building etc.

Products Assembly
The panels are laid on metal bearing structures.they are fixed using fastener screws.the panels come supplied with a single coated sealing strip made of wihte polyethylene foam which should be laid longitudinally between the panels so as to obtain a dampproof unit,thereby precluding any risk of condensation.all flashings can be had in the same colour as the panels.

Fixing of roofing panel
The panels are to be fixed at the top and bottom of each corrugation.don’t skip more than 1 corrugation at the intermediate structural rails.try to fasten these lock rails in a staggered pattern.particular attention,in the case of the sandwich panels,must be paid to the dampproof butt-ending of panels so as to preclude the risk of condensation.to form a hermetic seal,the andwich panels have a wedge of polyethylene foam running in the longitudinal direction.the panels should be pressed firmly against one another.it’s advisable to apply some sealing tape to all connections on the sides,roof ridges,cross-joint,on interior gutters,etc.